Locate Request Screening

To ensure the continuity of our network, as well as that of our clients, ROHL has an established 24hour/365day facilities screening call center for managing locate requests. Our experienced and professional screeners use our own exclusive software to process these locate requests. The screening software uses a spatially correct GIS map, which shows the exact location of all the fiber in the area of the locate request. This allows a screener to determine, with precision, whether a locate is required.  The screener enters any comments that are relevant, and if a locate is required, the software will send it out to one of ROHL’s locate field technicians.

This software provides the lowest possible ratio of overall locate request calls verses actual field locates, greatly reducing the overall costs of maintaining a network.  Our software enables us to track the time the locate was entered, when the locate was addressed and by which screeners, as well as when the locate was sent to the locate technician. Whether it is a no response or a cut fiber, this type of time stamped data tracking is an invaluable tool for quickly investigating any incidents, even days or weeks later when memories have faded as to how events unfolded.

ROHL also has on-call personnel to handle any emergency locate requests that may come in after normal working hours.


Utility Locating

ROHL provides locating services for underground utility facilities within urban and rural areas, including gas (high and low pressure), electric, and telephone and television cable. ROHL provides these services throughout Western Canada using our own highly trained locate staff, as well as our network of experienced subcontractors.